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Health Education & Health Coaching

NNPHD has many health education options, for individuals or groups of people. 

Living Well:  One option for health education is called “Living Well.” This is a proven (evidence-based) process where people learn from and support each other as they work toward living a healthier lifestyle.  This class is designed for people who are already living with chronic health conditions like any of the following:

·         Arthritis

·         Fibromyalgia

·         Diabetes

·         COPD

·         Asthma

·         Parkinson’s

·         Cancer

·         Anxiety

·         Depression

·         Other health conditions that are chronic

Take Control of Your Health – Living Well can help you in many ways.  You will:

·         Get support from others in the class.

·         Learn new ways to deal with pain and feeling tired.

·         Find new healthy eating and physical activity choices.

·         Learn to manage stress

·         Set and reach healthy goals.

·         Learn better ways to talk with your doctor and family about your health.

Healthy Living Classes:  Three separate classes are offered for three different health topics; weight loss, heart health and diabetes, each class meets three times.  The following books are given free with each class.  Help is also given during the class to make realistic and reachable goals.  Classes are free for people who meet the grant guidelines or $15 per topic for those who don’t.  


What To Do – The health department offers many books that give helpful guidance on a variety of topics.  These books are offered to people who live in the health district. 


Please contact the health department, 402-375-2200 or 800-375-2260, and ask for a Community Health Worker for more information on any of these health education options. 

Read How NNPHD Healthy Living Classes Have Changed Sandra’s Life: 


Sandra, from Wayne County, had never taken a health class before. She never knew where to look for help to improve her health until she was invited to the Healthy Living class by Coach Georgina. Sandra joined the Healthy Living class because she was interested in learning how to eat healthier and how to control portion size. She did not know where to start on her own and needed guidance. Her favorite thing about the class was the knowledge she gained on how to bring healthy eating and exercise together to help her lose weight and the motivation to meet her health goals.  Sandra lost seven pounds and went from an extra-large to a medium in six months of taking health coaching classes where she learned why she should be eating healthy, and how to change unhealthy habits.  The Health Coach helped Sandra set personal goals and gave her valuable tools to achieve those goals. One of her goals was to use correct portion sizes because, as she put it,  “I like to eat a lot of food.”

As she saw the positive results of her new habits, she became more motivated to continue with the healthy changes in order to see more results and become even more motivated.  “Health has become the most important. "I just feel better,” Sandra said.  Sandra was most encouraged by her Health Coach’s persistent invitations and motivation to keep working toward her goals. Whether it was a text or a phone call, it always seemed to be right at the moments when she was lacking personal motivation. After receiving a call from Coach Georgina, her mentality switched to “Yeah, I can do it!”

The biggest motivator for Sandra now is her health. Another perk of eating healthy and exercising regularly has been clothing. “I can now get the clothes that I like!" I went from an extra-large to a medium…

                                                                        I feel that I look good.

My kids tell me I look skinnier. And my coach still encourages me and tells me I look good.”  After completing class Sandra continues to work on her personal wellness goals. She is still using the things she learned from class to help her eat healthy, drink more water, and exercise, even if she doesn’t have time to go to the gym.  
Sandra immediately involved her family in her healthy lifestyle changes. She started cooking healthy for everyone in the family. Her children got to learn how to fix a healthy plate and how to read food labels. Now, when they go to the grocery store, her daughter is always on the lookout for protein, fruits, and vegetables. She loves to read the food labels to know exactly what they are going to be purchasing. “I think we [parents] focus on ourselves and start diets for ourselves, but forget our kids. They have to eat healthy too.”

Sandra recommends the Health Coaching classes to everyone. She tells her friends how important it is to learn how to take care of their health. She would even love to take some of the classes offered to continue learning. Through new knowledge of healthy habits and someone to support her along the way Sandra received the greatest incentive there is: the power to change her life.