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Local Public Health History

Most people know about the health care given by doctors, nurses and dentists at doctor’s offices and hospitals.  These health care experts help those with specific illnesses or health problems.  Public Health workers make the whole community healthier by promoting health and wellness and preventing illness and injury through information, education, programs and services to the public. 

Nebraska is one of the few states in the nation that did not have a statewide public health system until the passage of LB692 in 2001. While many very helpful organizations and agencies provided public health programs and services before that time, the overall structure of public health in the state was incomplete. Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department began in 2002 from the passage of LB692 which provided money from the Tobacco Settlement Dollars for public health departments to open their doors. With the help of the new local public health departments, programs can track public health data to watch for health threats to the public.  They are then able to identify local health needs and bring new services to the area that will help people be healthier.