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Northeast Nebraska Rural Health Network

Vision and Mission Statement for Northeast Nebraska Rural Health Network

     The vision of the Northeast Nebraska Rural Health Network (NNRHN) is: Working together we create a healthier community. The NNRHN mission is: In Northeast Nebraska our ruralness is our strength; it gives us resiliency, requires us to be creative and invites a spirit of neighborliness. Being rural also requires us to maximize our resources; that’s why we are working together as partners to improve community well-being and address difficult health challenges such as mental wellness, obesity and the chronic diseases that go with it. Partners of the Northeast Nebraska Rural Health Network are collectively working to measure the health of the area, address health challenges and eliminate disparities which will create a healthier community for all.

Members of the Northeast Nebraska Rural Health Network

  • Midtown Medical Clinic 
  • Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department
  • Pender Community Hospital
  • Providence Medical Center
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Wayne Family Medicine 
  • Winnebago Public Health Department

Weight Management Program

An evidence based lifestyle program that allows you to manage your weight with help and support from Northeast Nebraska Rural Health Network partners. Learn how your weight isn't just a number. It's part of your overall health and wellness. Use our resources to start your journey towards better health. The program is free and available at three locations. Click here for more information

Northeast Nebraska Rural Health Coalitions 

  • Health Promotion
  • Mental and Behavioral Health 

Our coalitions meet monthly to discuss about how we can better work together to provide Northeast Nebraska with opportunities for access to information and health education that will improve overall health and wellness. We are dedicated to removing obstacles to getting help with basic needs and access to healthcare providers. If you or your organization are interested in participating please email Jennifer Berg, Network Manager.