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Access to Health Care

Do you:                                                           

  • Need help getting health care?
  • Have questions about your health?
  • Know where to find care and programs to help you be healthier? 

Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department can:

  • Help you learn how and where to get the health care you need.
  • Refer you to doctors, nurses, health coaches and others to care for you and your family.
  • Provide wellness programs and services to keep you healthy and safe. 
  • Give you easy-to-understand health facts and tips on many topics.

NNPHD does this through:

  • Community Health Workers (CHW) CHWs are trained to help people find and get needed healthcare services and assistance programs. 
  • Our Resource Directory contains local, regional, state, and national resources that can help people find services to meet their healthcare needs and be healthier. 

Congratulations to Georgina Castaneda and Victor Zarate on receiving the 2017 Nebraska Minority Health Associate Community Health Worker Award.